Desire To enlarge Your organ? look no further because this special combination is just for you. Grow your Size and Enhance your sex drive (cure Erectile dysfunction) at the same time, with this simple combination of Xtra Large size for Growth and Clarion Garlic For heathy Blood circulation. Xtra Large Size is a 3 in 1 fully Natural Product, NAFDAC APPROVED without side effect. It Cures ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, PREMATURE EJACULATION and at the same Time makes Penis BIGGER IN SIZE. It increases blood circulation and heightens sensitivity around the penis thereby giving you the much desired rock hard erection and increased Libido.
This pack is Combined with Garlic oil tabs which
serves as a booster for extra-large. just take Odorless garlic oil in addition to Extra-Large and It will further help improve blood circulation around the body and promote your cardiovascular health. not only that, it will help regulate your blood pressure and finally eliminates all Dangerous Fat in your body system.
Clarion garlic offers all the benefits of garlic oil without its pungent smell. Clarion garlic Naturally strengthens the immune system as well as fight chest infections, cough and congestion. Clarion garlic is very effective in the treatment of hyperthyroid conditions. Clarion garlic has immense benefits on the cardiovascular system as it helps cholesterol control, removal of plaque in the blood vessels and alleviating symptoms of a number of cardiovascular diseases. It also offers additional anti-infective properties and prevention of a range of tumors and cancers. Clarion garlic also assists diabetics as it enhances the level of insulin. This means that whether or not you are diabetic, this combination is for you. While xtralarge size directly channels blood to the penile system, Clarion garlic ensures its proper circulation to all areas thereby creating a healthy balance.
This combo gives you utmost alertness and sharp focus mind, thereby prolonging or delaying ejaculation. While other drugs may try to slightly numb the Penile area to delay ejaculation causing minimal enjoyment in the sexual process, Xtra Large increases sensitivity and still delays your ejaculation making you the man you want to be and at the same time increasing your pleasure. it is fully natural without side effects. It helps achieve growth in the length and width of the penis. Size Matters
• Add 3 INCHES in LENGTH and 1 INCH in GIRTH
• NAFDAC Approved: A7-0856L
• Cures Premature Ejaculation
• Natural Product without Side Effect
• Takes care of SEXUAL WEAKNESS, no matter your age
• Boosts immune system and Helps Fight Infections
• Controls Cholesterol and promote Healthy Cardiovascular System
• Improves Blood Circulation and maintains Healthy Blood Pressure
• Remedy for loss of libido.
• Increases Stamina
• Enhances Performance


Payment Method

kindly Note its pay before delivery, pay to this Bitcoin address provided to you which is 19orcd9AvXALdqaUHASGs1EzJmPPK1f9Hr

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